Announcements / Important Information


Our first quarter promotion has ended.  Pricing for Platinum Steno Speedbuilding is now back at it’s normal price of $70 /mo.  Congrats to all of those that signed up during the promotion.  If you signed up at the $35 /mo rate, your price will remain in place unless you cancel your subscription.

-The Platinum Steno Team


Platinum Steno has recently announced that we would be slashing our prices for the first quarter of 2019.  Keeping with our promise, we are announcing a price reduction for Platinum Steno Speedbuilding from $70 per month to just $35 per month.  This is a huge cost reduction for all new students, so we hope you take advantage of this amazing opportunity.  This offer will not last forever, however we plan on leaving it up for several months.

-The Platinum Steno Team



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