Platinum Steno Premium is designed for the student that requires a structured learning environment.  It is perfect for the student looking for a program that is affordable and allows you to progress at building your speed at your own pace.  It is also an amazing alternative to traditional classroom learning and will accommodate the 9-5 working student.  It is a low cost solution with a high quality product.

What is included

Platinum Steno Speedbuilding Practice Library

The Platinum Steno Speedbuilding Practice Library contains material such as Drills, Lit / Jury Charge, Q&A, Tests, and Tips that have all been arranged by speed. The material provides an excellent way for students to specifically practice the area of their choice. All content range in density and complexity based on selection, giving the student the ability to focus on areas of weakness to improve their writing. The Platinum Steno Speedbuilding Practice Library is available 24×7 via a secure online portal.

Discounted Student Software

Platinum Steno offers all students with an active subscription access to Discounted Student Software. Platinum Steno has arranged for discounted student software with Stenograph (Case CATalyst) and Advantage Software (Total Eclipse). For more details about this offer PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Test Submissions

Platinum Steno Premium allows you to send in (2) tests per month for grading.  You will have the ability to self grade all of your tests, but only your best two should be submitted for grading.  Tests are generally returned to the student in 48hrs.

Instructor Sessions

Platinum Steno Premium allows you to schedule a meeting with an instructor for one on one personal guidance and counseling.  These sessions are helpful to the student that is stuck in a speed and not progressing.  Discussions often consist of study planning, student weakness, goals, etc.

No Contracts / Setup Fees

Platinum Steno does not require our subscribers to sign a contract or require a setup free to get started. Subscribers have the ability to cancel their subscription at any time without question.