Platinum Steno Theory is designed for the new student that is just getting started.  Platinum Steno Theory is based on structured learning modules that will keep the student on track.  Just log in and follow along.  It is perfect for the student looking for a program that is affordable and allows you to progress at mastering theory at your own pace.  It is also an amazing alternative to traditional classroom learning and will accommodate the 9-5 working student.  It is a low cost solution with a high quality product.

What is included

24×7 Access to Theory Lessons

Platinum Steno has been built on a secure online video platform that allows our subscribers to participate when it is convenient for them.  24×7 Access to high quality video lessons enable the subscriber to complete coursework, practice what they have learned, repeat lessons for mastery, etc.

Discounted Student Software

Platinum Steno offers all students with an active subscription access to Discounted Student Software. Platinum Steno has arranged for discounted student software with Stenograph (Case CATalyst) and Advantage Software (Total Eclipse). For more details about this offer PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Dedicated Support Email

All subscribers are provided with a dedicated support email address to ensure if they have any questions they are addressed quickly.  Questions are generally responded to within 24hrs.

Tech Support for Machine and Software Setup

Platinum Steno provides all of our Theory students access to technical support in order to get your steno machine and software configured.  This process is usually done before starting your program but will be available in the event you experience issues during the course.

Length of Program

Platinum Steno Theory is designed to be completed in 20 weeks.  This is assuming the student completes 2 lessons per week.  There is no requirement to complete 2 lessons per week, however it will extend the total duration of the class if lessons are not completed on time.

Certificate of Completion

All of our students that complete the Platinum Steno Theory Program will receive a certificate of completion.

No Contracts / Setup Fees

Platinum Steno does not require our subscribers to sign a contract or require a setup free to get started. Subscribers have the ability to cancel their subscription at any time without question.


In order to attend Theory, the student will need to come to class equipped with the following:

Personal Computer/Laptop – The computer must meet a minimum system requirement of Windows 10, 500GB Hard Drive, 4GB of RAM.  Systems that are not running a Windows Operating System are not capable of running real-time software so they do not meet the requirements.  For an example laptop CLICK HERE

Steno Machine – The student will be required to have a steno machine and tripod.  The machine needs to have the ability to hook up to a computer for real-time.  You are welcome to purchase a used machine or a new machine.  You just want to be sure the machine is in good working condition so you are not experiencing issues while going through Theory.  Platinum Steno has partnered with Stenograph to provide an amazing deal on an affordable steno machine.  For more information CLICK HERE.

Student Real-time Software – Real-time software will be required in order to participate in class.  Case Catalyst and Total Eclipse are two most common real-time software products on the market and Platinum Steno offers amazing student discounts on both of these products.  Total Eclipse is usually $500, however Platinum Steno students can purchase it from us for $100.  Case Catalyst is usually $375, however Platinum Steno students can purchase it from us for $75.  An active Platinum Steno subscription must be maintained in order for these software products to remain active.  For more details on discounted student software CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions about the prerequisites for this class, please email

Theory 1 Lesson 1 - Sample Video

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